Tableau - #datafamcommunityjam

Check me out talking responsible mapping in Tableau. Stay tuned to watch Marc Reid, Zak Geis, and Jo Villa!

Video content from the information lab

Location Intelligence (i) - The Essentials of 'Where'

  • what is spatial data?
  • why should we care?
  • how to we connect to it in Tableau?

Location Intelligence (ii) - From "where?" to "there!"

  • dealing with full UK postcode data
  • reprojecting alternative coordinate reference systems

Location Intelligence (2) - spatial aggregation

  • grouping point data to areas
  • creating proportional circle maps
  • creating choropleth maps

Responsible disease mapping in Tableau:

  • altering Tableau's default map projection
  • using rates not raw numbers

 Responsible disease mapping in Tableau:

  • what are map projections?
  • why do we care?